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Nobody can avoid renovating the apartment or house. The cost of a renovation can climb enormous heights or be kept in a modest, manageable range. Unfortunately, the need for renovation does not take into account the income situation. Even the state’s influence can provide for a renovation that should actually be avoided. There must therefore be a loan for the renovation for all strata of the population and income.

The loan for the renovation and refurbishment of the housing

The loan for the renovation and refurbishment of the housing

Saving energy is not only very popular, it is demanded by the state, but also promoted. With a comprehensive renovation, the renovation of the building can be supported with low interest. The KFW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) supports the renovation of the living space. In addition to cheap credit offers, it is above all “lost grants” that are used to promote energy saving.

KFW has a special funding program for almost every project. A new heater can be financed cheaply, but also the installation of a private elevator. Instead of a new pane, replacing the entire window can also pay off. Every closed thermal bridge can open up the possibility of state funding. So why only renovate on the surface when a thorough renovation is rewarded?

Small renovation projects increase the quality of life

Small renovation projects increase the quality of life

It is not only the lease of the apartment that makes the small renovation projects necessary. It is simply nicer if the apartment gets a new ambience from time to time. A new coat of paint, the computer sockets put them in the right place or new curtains enhance the living space that has been used for many years. No renovation can be carried out for free. The loan for the renovation on a smaller scale comes from the Internet.

Small loans are particularly attractive there with low interest rates and simple applications. A small loan, which is usually approved in a simplified procedure, applies to loan amounts of up to around $ 5,000. An impressive sum that makes extra wishes come true during renovations. Small loans are particularly popular as loans for renovations and are not earmarked. In addition to the renovation, a new TV can also shape the ambience of the living room.

Paradox – need for renovation often arises from resin 4

Paradox - need for renovation often arises from resin 4

Every recipient of the ALG 2 can expect drastic cuts in their lives. The office often criticizes the rent as being too high. The pretty big apartment has to be given up. It would be futile to get excited about the meaning of the reforms. The fact is, the unemployed can be forced to move.

In addition to a poorer residential area, the apartments that the office pays are often in poor condition. There is no loan from a bank for a resin 4 recipient for the renovation. It doesn’t have to either. If the move is ordered, the office must bear the costs for the move and the necessary renovation.

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