Refinancing: how to compare the offers to buy back credit?

With Good Bank, you can compare buyout offers online. It is non-binding and quick.

To perform the credit buyback comparison, it’s simple. A few minutes are enough. Our expert advisers are responsible for studying your file from A to Z. Here are the steps for the credit buyback comparison.

Why buy back credit?

Why buy back credit?

Several reasons can lead a borrower to buy back a loan:

  • You need to regain financial stability and the accumulation of loans weighs on your budget,

  • you have a new project and need additional cash,

  • you must reduce your debt ratio in order to take out a mortgage,

  • your income has gone down and your monthly payments have become too difficult to repay.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, Good Bank is there for you. For that, do not hesitate to file a request via our credit buyback comparator.

Compare credit buy-back offers

Compare credit buy-back offers

Here are the steps to compare the credit consolidation offers on Good Bank.

1) Your current loans:

  • How many credits (mortgage, consumer credit, tax delay, etc.) do you have to repay?

  • What are the amounts of your outstanding loans, the total of your monthly payments and principal remaining to be repaid?

2) Your assets and your need for cash:

  • Do you have real estate assets (primary, secondary or rental investment) and what is their value?

  • Indicate if you need additional cash to include in your credit repurchase.

3) Your personal situation:

  • Specify if you are the only one to carry out this operation or if you have a co-borrower.

  • Explain your family situation (single, married, etc.) and if you have dependent children.

  • Detail your income. This step allows you to analyze your debt ratio and see if you meet the criteria of credit buy-back establishments.

After a credit repurchase, it is possible to reduce your monthly payments up to -60%.

Some tips for getting a credit

Some tips for getting a credit

  • 1) Demonstrate a stable situation. With a long experience in the same company for example, a permanent contract, a retirement, etc.

  • 2) Manage your budget on a daily basis. Your account statements will be scrutinized by the bank before you make a credit offer.


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